We empower financial advisors to lead clients toward

We are a platform designed to give advisors the tools and professional solutions to help clients live a life beyond the numbers.

Aligning Life & Wealth

Successful financial advice is about much more than investment strategy.
The Life & Wealth Network empowers advisors to align clients’ wealth and well-being.


Protection related to physical and cyber risks


Physical, mental, and behavioral well-being


Fulfillment from the place in which we live


Engagement with lifelong learning and interests


Connection with our closest family members


Satisfaction in activity away from work


Fulfillment from what we do every day


Legacy creation & connectedness to causes

Attract & Engage Clients

Offer Access

Offer clients access to your branded portal of providers & content related to the most important areas of life.

Assess Issues

Uncover clients’ deepest issues and dissatisfactions that can harm long-term financial security and well-being.

Deliver Solutions

Define the path toward satisfaction in each area and guide clients to the right professionals along the way.

Always Engage

Bringing the alignment of wealth and well-being into every client relationship, conversation & review.

Become An Advisor With Access

Life & Wealth Network membership means advisors can start providing clients more complete guidance and the professional solutions that matter most.

Additional fees may apply for ancillary services.

Become A Solution For Advisor Clients

Does your company provide a service in an area of life that advisors should discuss with clients? Become an advocate for helping families align the parts of life that matter most.